wmv to avi


Windows Media Video (WMV) LogoWMV (Windows Media Video) files are files which can be played on Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. WMV is essentially a set of video codecs developed by Microsoft for integrating a media framework along with it’s Windows operating system.

Movavi WMV to AVI ConverterThe container format for .wmv files is the ASF format, which is also built to support AVI files, again and not surprisingly, basically used to play, store and transfer media files on computers with the Windows operating system and WMV compatible media players.

AVI ( Audio Video Interleave ) is a multimedia container format, which allows for synchronous video and audio playback. Microsoft introduced this format as part of its Video for Windows technology. The AVI file format is widely used with professional video editing tools such as VirtualDub. While more recent formats such MPEG4 are more efficient in terms of file size and compatibility with other media players, AVI is still the preferred format for transfer and storage of video files from and to personal computers.

One of the most commonly used formats for media files is the WMV, or Windows Media Player file format. It follows, therefore, that a person is more likely to end up with a collection of WMV video files. Most video editing tools are primed to work with AVI files as source, rather than WMV.